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John Manning was responsible for a failed rescue attempt of ten school children in the jungles of South Africa.  Children that were brutally murdered because John was one minute late for the rescue.  As a highly trained CIA Operative, John blamed himself and vowed never to venture forth into covert operations again.  Once back home, he is offered $100,000 for another "job" two days before the murder of his younger brother who was making a low budget documentary about genocide in America. 

During the hunt for the killer, his brothers body is cremated before he can make positive identification, which launches a series of twists and turns involving the CIA,  members of an elite branch of the NSA who seek his demise and the dark side of America's health care system. When his "dead" brother suddenly appears alive and is offered as an "exchange" for information John has discovered, the story moves like a Bond thriller.


CIA Agent #2 to another Agent;   "You never catch up to John. About the time you think you know what he's up to,  he has a gun at your head."

A note from his brother Mark; "If you find this film footage, it either means I'm in jail or dead, so promise me you'll finish what I started."


Genre: A High-Concept, Character-driven, Action-Adventure/Thriller. Combining the elements of Lethal Weapon, True Lies, and Patriot Games, with a flare of Raiders of the Lost Ark! 

Logline: Tempers explode and passions flare when two rival DEA agents must band together as they learn a maniacal killer is out to assassinate them as they uncover his deranged plot to rewrite Hitler's destiny as his own by annihilating all Holocaust survivors with the supernatural relic, the "Spear of Destiny" during the World Humanity Treaty signing in Washington D.C. 

DEA Special Agent Chase Collins is a strong, tough-as-nails hotshot agent.  Simply put, the most sought-after agent in the DEA, though a real woman in every sense... Young, attractive, and damn smart.  Collins maintains her cool edge as she battles an unresolved inner conflict from her childhood... But after a lifesaving mishap in the jungles of Bogota, Colombia, she is paired up with her new partner, ostracized, DEA Special Agent Frank Mitchell.  At one time, Mitchell was the most sought-after agent in the DEA.  A seasoned agent, Mitchell battles to suppress his own personal demons which prevents him from getting close to Collins making things that much more complicated.  Mitchell and Collins are soon tested as wave-after-wave of death-defying escapes lead them to only one conclusion, "someone is setting them up!”  But by whom?  And why?  Their trust for each other slowly gains respect as they not only come to realize that they mirror each other in every way, but now must rely on each other to stay alive.  Tension mounts and the action gets fast and furious with seconds ticking away as Mitchell and Collins are thrust into a life and death situation that may possibly change the course of world history, but are these two truly prepared for what will take place as...

The "Spear of Destiny,” at one time Hitler's very own religious artifact, (a supernatural relic said to have phenomenal talismanic power having once  been used at the Crucifixion to wound the side of Christ), is stolen from  the Hofburg Museum in Vienna, a Russian warhead is delivered, and a neutron initiator is stolen from the U.S. Military.  In Washington D.C., the President and World Leaders from 135 nations are present to sign the monumental "World Humanity Treaty" in front of the Lincoln Memorial.  An unprecedented agreement recognizing Nazi cruelty during World War II, orchestrated by Nobel Peace Prize winner and Germany's own favorite son, billionaire industrialist Bernard Hildebrand... An event Hildebrand  assures the world, will never forget.


Blinky Rodrigez worked tirelessly to become the World kickboxing champion, his wife Lilly Rodrigez worked even harder to become the World Kickboxing champion and the first woman to be inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as its first woman boxing champion.
This couple, of fighting champions were on the pinnacle of fame and fortune when violence like nothing they had ever encountered struck them down.  After an innocent night out with his girlfriend, Sonny Rodriquez, their teenage son, was shot dead in a mistaken identity drive-by gang shooting.

The senseless killing of their son threw this couple and their family on a path they never imagined they would experience.  Gang violence, revenge, retaliation, justice and injustice, despair and hopelessness would be their daily fight.
The heart wrenching journey that this couple would have to endure will determine victory or defeat, many lives depended on them.  This would be the greatest fight of their lives.


Written and directed by Alan Hauge.  The screenplay is based on the book, "Divided Roads," by Ned Mansour.  It is the story of two complete opposites as they navigate the ultimate "road trip" across America.  On the one side, is Peter Franklin.  An arrogant Wall Street power broker who is hell-bent on achieving  success regardless of the cost leaving behind a path strewn with broken lives and relationships.  On the other side, is Rocky Brooks.  A bright and energetic  sixteen year old who is struggling with the recent loss of his mother.  When the "odd couple" leave the confines of New York City and head west, on what could be the "trip of a lifetime", it may also be the last for Rocky, who is infected by the same disease that took the life of his  mother six months earlier.


Peter Franklin, to Rocky Brooks;   "If my wife and the idiots I work with would do exactly what I tell them, every time, without fail, I'd be living in a perfect world."

Rocky Brooks, to his father;   "Serial killers get better press than this guy. I wish you'd never talked me into this stupid trip.  Trump won't even deal with him."

Rocky Brooks to Peter Franklin;  "Humans are capable of passion and sacrifice if they focus on love,  not lust."

TAG LINE: "Make Every Day A Lifetime"


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