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GMT Team

Donna Smith
Former President of Universal Pictures   One of the most respected producers and production managers in the motion picture industry. President of Women in Film, she served as Senior Vice-President and then President of Universal Pictures. During her tenure at Universal, more than 150 titles were released under her leadership including; "Schindler's List", (Academy Award Winner for Best Picture), "Jurassic Park", "Babe", "Scent of a Woman", "Casino", "Backdraft", "Back to the Future", "Apollo 13" and "Waterworld."

Ron Miziker
Chairman of Mizlker Entertainment Mr. Miziker was formerly Vice-President of the Walt Disney Company in charge of Disney's theme parks around the world and the first chief of programming for the Disney Channel. Major clients and participation in over 500 productions include Disney, Paramount, Universal, Fox, ABC, NASA, the NFL, three U.S. Presidents, the Sultan of Oman, Queen Elizabeth II, and the Vatican.  He has received an Emmy and has been associated with over 150 productions.

Michelle Hartly
A Veteran producer with over 15 years experience in film and television production. Throughout her career she has worked closely with Amblin Entertainment, Dreamworks, NBC, Discovery networks, CCTV and the co-founder of FilmWest.

Brad Carvey
An Emmy –award winning inventor of the Video Toaster, which has literally transformed, the world of video production and post production. His effects are seen in Man in Black, Courage Under Fire, Black Hawk Down and a series for the Discovery Channel.

Robert Singer
President of the New Mexico Law Group with over 30 years experience in business and entertainment law, representing clientele in the motion picture, television and themed entertainment industries. He has coordinated multinational contracts with Paramount and Viacom as well as many of the stars involved in the show he has represented, including Whoopie Goldberg, Charlton Heston, Walter Cronkite, Clare Bloom, Frank Langella, Ossie Davis and many others.

Paul Lauer
President of Motive Marketing and Motive Entertainment; Internationally – acclaimed leader in the film marketing for such projects as the Passion of the Christ, the Chronicles of Narnia, the Polar Bear Express, Rocky Balboa, Flight 93 and many more.

Dennis Holt
CEO and President of U.S. Media International;  Mr. Holt’s philosophy is to identify the target, find the target, and saturate the target as much as possible within the budget. Add to that, a keen attention to the client's results, a full-disclosure policy and a passion for leveraging relationships experience and dollars to create over-the-top added value opportunities and you have US Media International's core values. Mr. Holt's more than 30 years of media buying and planning experience means we will have the advantage of his great relationships, a stellar reputation and long-term industry know-how which will result in great rates and buying opportunities for our picture. US Media has bought and planned for top-name clients such as; Disney, Warner Brothers, Lion's Gate, Showtime, Burger King, Guitar Center and The Gap. Mr. Holt has booked as much as $12 billion in entertainment advertising during a single calendar year (More than any firm other individual in the history of Hollywood.)

Jack Hafer
Producer “To End All Wars” an award winning film staring Kiefer Sutherland and Robert Carlyl. It took First Place at the Heartland Film Festival

Buck Vaile
A graduate of Ohio State University College of Law with over three decades of experience both in and out of Hollywood. During the late 80's and early 90's Mr. Vaile personally shepherded a case from its initial hearing through the lower state courts and into the United States Supreme Court where he and a selected team of attorneys successfully represented a client in a First Amendment Constitutional matter that changed the statutes in 49 of the 50 states. Since April of 1995 the decision in McIntyre v. Ohio Election Commission has been repeatedly cited in literally hundreds of cases at all levels of the judicial process whenever the protection of our most sacred rights have been questioned or threatened.

In 1997 Mr. Vaile entered the entertainment industry in a very significant way when they founded Manex Entertainment, Ltd. Under Vailes direction, Manex first project was the production of the special visual effects for the movie, "When Dreams May Come" staring Robin Williams, followed closely by the young company's second endeavor - the creation of the much-talked-about special visual effects for "Matrix" staring Keanu Reeves. These first two undertakings earned back-to-back Academy Awards for the Manex Entertainment artists who created the cutting edge CG special effects for these movies.

Mitch Irion
Creative Director Mr. Irion has over 28 years experience as the creative director and/or art director. He created and developed package design for Reel Images, licensed under 20th Century Fox, for ("The X-Files"). A partial list of his clients include: Columbia Pictures Television, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Buick, Alpine, Sanyo, Craig, Pioneer, Natural Nectar, Westin Hotels, FHP Healthcare, First Interstate Bank, United Parcel Service (UPS), Pacific Sportswear, Maui Visitors Bureau and of course, GMT STUDIOS.

Mr. Irion's latest success is the formation of "Wing Clips" which provides thousands of clips, (not trailers), out of new and recent motion pictures submitted by many of the major studios in Hollywood that are categorized by subject matter.  Creative Director for Projects with 20th Century Fox, X-Files, Columbia Pictures Television, Honda, UPS, Sanyo, Westin Hotels, Buick, GMT Studios and o End All Wars.

David Riggs
TELLY Award Winner for Theatrical Trailers and TV Spots   Alan Hauge had the pleasure of working with David Riggs on two occasions; he was supervising editor on "James Dean American Legend" followed by producing the theatrical trailer and TV spot for "To End All Wars" staring Kiefer Sutherland which won David Riggs and Alan Hauge a Telly Award in 2003. Other credits include; "Die Another Day","Bruce Almighty", "The Mummy", "Big Fat Liar", "ET", "Windtalkers", "The Bourne Identity", "The Grinch", "A Beautiful Mind", "The Fast and Furious", and considerable work with Sony, Warner Brothers, Universal, ABC Television, PBS and Budweiser.

Philip Tan
Second Unit Director, Stunt Coordinator, Script Writer, Actor on more than one hundred films including: Big Momas House, Lethal Weapon 4, We Were Soldiers, Bloodsport 2, Three Musketeers, Tango and Cash, Batman, Wild Wild West, Hancock, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest; Fast and the Furious; Lara Croft Tomb Raiders: The Cradle of Life; Corky RomanoPearl Harbor and many more.

Bill Barber
Principal and President of GMT "RELEASING" recently served as Co-Producer with writer/director, Alan Hauge, on "James Dean American Legend", a Prime Time Television Special based on the true life story of the screen legend. He also worked on the recently completed production of "Tweaked, A Generation in Overdrive" (exposing the horrors of Methamphetamine addiction sweeping our country), which is being used by Police and Law Enforcement, Schools and Drug Counseling centers across the country. Mr. Barber started working in a small theater in Memphis, Tennessee. As the usher and projectionist he screened films privately for one of his school mates; Elvis Presley. Next, he became a Film Booker and Salesmen for Metro-Golden-Mayer and worked on many major motion pictures in his early career including: "Ben Hur", "Hercules" and "Jailhouse Rock". At United Artists Theater Operations he started at Director of Advertising and Publicity and quickly moved to Vice President and General Manager of Operations. A responsibility that included special ad campaigns, star tours and several world premieres.

During his fifteen years at United Artists he was honored as "Showman of the Year" by the Theater Owners of America, and was the first one in history to receive such an award.

John Germaine, Vice President of Marketing and Planning
Mr. Germaine, a Principal in GMT RELEASING, has extensive executive corporate experience as a marketing analyst, general manager,and director of sales and strategic planning coupled with added fiduciary responsibility for profit and loss accounting. He has managed teams of men and women that have conducted intensive and productive market research for both introduction and promotion of primary products. In one firm alone, he was responsible for annual sales of over $700 million and managed a nationwide network of divisions, branches and affiliates. He has served as a strategic marketing specialist to GMT STUDIOS since 1987 and has contributed to the studios continued growth.

In addition to his other responsibilities, Mr. Germaine worked as an Associate Producer on "James Dean American Legend" and developed a key marketing and licensing program for the upcoming feature film. Currently, he is developing a unique audience awareness program designed specifically for "Cruel Logic", utilizing a ground breaking database and referral program creatively linked to a more traditional publicity approach therein "targeting" the right audience with the right amount of advertising. One of the top Horror franchises “SAW” used some of the same techniques by spending 100% of their advertising budget on 3% of the "targeted" domestic theater going audience. Mr. Germaine is an integral part of the company's operations and is the fiduciary liaison for the film and distribution partners.

Some of his most recent clients include; Disney World in Florida, AT&T and the State of Florida.

Daniel D. Jittu
Executive Producer- GMT Studios; Jittu is the former CEO of DM Laurent Corporation, an advertising company with clients throughout the world and on six of the seven continents. He produced a documentary on the Beatles: the early years and as chief of staff for a merchant banking group where he directed all media, film and television acquisitions for the company. He is the founder of Seven Continent Films.

Alan Hauge
Alan Hauge is the founder GMT STUDIOS and has been their CEO for the last twenty eight years. Mr. Hauge won the prestigious "Telly Award" for the "To End All Wars," television ad campaign starring Kiefer Sutherland and Robert Carlyle.  Hauge also produced and directed the  made for television show "The Late Great Planet Earth"  The shows success increased books sales to over fifty million (50,000,000) readers- making it the New York Times number one best seller of the 1970's.   Recently Produced and Directed “James Dean American Legend," featuring Anthony Michael Hall, and is the only Hollywood Producer to ever read the lost diary of the screen legend, James Dean. 

Mr. Hauge is also set to direct "James Dean: The Movie," a major feature film, based on the first and only screenplay ever approved by the family of James Dean.

White Owl Films -

Paul R. Oebel, Creative Director, has over 10 years experience as a City level Event Coordinator, managing events with over 100,000 attendees and compiling extensive budgets. Long-standing relationships with investors and celebrities continues to facilitate raising capital for business and humanitarian causes. Mr. Oebel’s lifelong love of art and design led to operating his own marketing company since 1996, designing cross-platform marketing solutions, material and websites. Having operated his own construction company with a crew of 40 for 16 years, Mr. Oebel has skills of organizing a great team. He has served as a non-denominational church Pastor and presides over a ministry. Accomplishments and public accolades include: Listed in multiple publications; Books and Articles for Successful Business Executives; Certificates of Accomplishment from the State Governor and Local Municipalities.

Past Studio clients, productions and talent are:


Gone Baby Gone
Righteous Kill 
This Christmas 
Serious Moonlight
Animal Husbandry
Every Dog Has It's Day
Lucky Numbers
The Addams Family(2)
Baby Boy
Forces of Natures
Minority Report
The Fan
Blade 1&2
Force of Darkness
Narrow Margin
Usual Suspect
Broken Arrow
Playing God
Wag the Dog
Back by Midnight
Halloween / H20  
Out of Time
LA Story








Adam Arkin 
Demi Moore
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Pamela Anderson
Adam Sandler
Dennis Leary
Jenny McCarthy
Pauly Shore
Amy Judd
Dennis Hopper
Jerry Seinfeld
Peirce Brosnan
Anjelica Huston
Dennis Miller
Jim Carrey
Raul Julia
Al Pacino
Dennis Quaid
Jodie Foster
Robert DeNiro
Craig T. Nelson
Donald Sutherland
John Cleese
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ashley Judd
Donny & Marie
John Lithgow
Sean Penn
Ben Affleck
Ernest Borgnine
Dyan Cannon 
Ed Harris
Ben Stein
Britney Spears
John Travolta
Sharon Stone
Bill Weir
Dustin Hoffman
Jon Stewart 
Sidney Poitier
Billy Crystal 
Ellen DeGeneres
Jon Vought
Sigourney Weaver
Brian Dennehy
Eugene Levy
Kevin Spacey
Sylvester Stallone
Christian Slater 
Gary Oldman
Kiefer Sutherland
Tom Berenger
Christopher Lloyd
Gene Hackman 
Lisa Kudrow 
Tom Hanks
Cindy Crawford
Gillian Anderson
Meg Ryan
Tommy Lee Jones
Cybill Shepherd
Harry & Shari
Mel Gibson
Tracy Ullman
Danny De Vito
Merv Griffin     
Val Kilmer
Danny Glover
Harry Connick Jr.
Michael Madsen
Wesley Snipes
Dave Foley
Heather Locklear
Michael Richards
Will Smith
David Duchovny
Jackie Chan
Michelle Pfeiffer 
Winona Ryder
David Spade
Jamie Lee Curtis
Mike Myers
Rob Reiner
Denzel Washington
Mike Ditka
Catherine Hicks
Rodney Dangerfield
Frank Sinatra Jr.
Jennifer Lopez
Taco Bell Chihuahua


























Lincoln Heights
E! Entertainment
Once and Again
The Man Show
A & E Network  
Hard Copy
One Saturday
The Movie Channel
Arrest & Trial 
Jenny McCarthy Show
The Pretender
Beyond Belief 
Life of Riley
Pacific Blue
The X-Files
Bill Weir Show
Pop Stars
To Have and to Hold
Comedy Court
Prime Time
Tracy takes On
Contempt of Court
Masters of Illusion
Romance Classics
Unsolved Mysteries
Direct TV
Men are from Mars
UPN Promos
Disney Playhouse
Woman from Venus
Donny & Marie Show
Nick at Night
The Andy Dick Show
The Larry David Show
24 Hours
Son of the Beach
The District
Tales from the Crypt
NFL on Fox
Boston Public
James Dean American Legend 













Burger King
Coffee Mate
Carl's Jr. 
Clear Eyes
Long John Silver
The Gap
GI Joe
H&M Clothing
Red Lobster
Miller G.D.                   
Radio Shack
Miller Lite                     
Bell South 
Home Depot
Shell Oil
Black and Decker 
Outback Steakhouse
Vidal Sassoon
JC Penny
Pacific Bell 
Circuit City
Keri Lotion
Taco Bell
Del Taco
Diesel Jeans
Land O'Lakes
Pizza Hut
U.S. West
Du Pont






















Sheena Easton
Britney Spears
The Judd’s
De La Soul
George Harrison
Stevie Nicks
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Janet Jackson
Natalie Cole 
Pop Stars
Rodney James
Will Smith
Wu Tang Klan
Sheryl Crow
Alice Cooper 
Melissa Etheridge
Slim Shady
Artificial Joy Club
Foo Fighters
Snoop Dog
Garth Brooks
Monster Magnet
Spice Girls
Black Crows
Suicidal Tendencies
Bonnie Raitt
Ice Cube
The Cranberries
Counting Crows
Ozzy Osborne 
The Offspring
Dogg Pound
Mac 10
Sara McLaughlin
Trisha Yearwood
Sheryl Crow














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