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There is a Big Difference Between Taking a Chance and Making a Good Choice…

White Owl Films has chosen the right path through the Hollywood minefield.  We have taken as much of the risk factor out of making a movie as we possibly can in order to assure the success of any movie we choose to make.  As you read in the New York Times article,” Suddenly, Hollywood Seems like a Conservative Investment”, now is the time to invest in a motion picture as an investment over stocks and real estate.

By reading the eye opening article entitled Hollywood Minefield, you can see just how easy it can be to be at the losing end of the cycle if using a major studio for distribution and/or filming.

You read how we first take a script and if we like it, we use our state-of-the-art research techniques to see if the script as a movie is destined to succeed. The Science of Producing Films That Audiences Want to See

We then use our cutting edge transparent accounting to ensure that the investor does get to see where every dollar is spent.  We insure the investor first monies back and then split the profit 50-50, only after he is paid back 110%.  The investor also gets to see the profits as they come in via the Creative Movie Accounting system we have set up to show how the money is expensed and accounted for.

We then choose a well known producer who is best suited to produce our film.  We have 30 years of experience working with many name producers who have reputations of coming in under budget when making a movie.  These are the line producers dream team.

Once we are ready to start to film, by co-producing with GMT, we cut in house costs up to 300%.  GMT also handles in house distribution with a very seasoned team who gets the job done.  They have looked at the big studios marketing and advertising strategies, observed their strengths and weaknesses and learned what they can from the studios successes and failures in each individual market.

Once the movie is done and ready to be distributed, GMT puts there in house distribution team on it…. Please look at the section GMT Distribution to learn more and the strategies used and why.  I also like GMT’s motto – “Never stop testing or refining the plan”.

As you can clearly see, we have taken the time to develop a system for film-making success that covers all angles.  We are looking for like-minded capital partners that like our formula and want to invest with us to produce a truly superior product.  As we see on Main Street every day, the biggest companies are not necessarily the best.  Small to medium sized businesses are the backbone of the economy and we believe independent productions companies are the backbone of a new emerging entertainment genre.

If joining us feels right, please go to our contact page and let us know…

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