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Questions and Answers

Investing in Film Productions

With the capital markets in flux, real estate close to an all-time low and institutional investors running scared, many are asking where can I invest my money?

Why Invest In Film?

  • Statistically, people have always needed a distraction. When times are good, they celebrate, when times are bad, they need comfort.
  • The independent film genre is blasting open with a place for everyone. Now is the time to get involved and work with those who have    enough talent and credibility in the industry

    Why White Owl Films?

  • We are uniquely positioned for growth with the access needed to provide you the most for  your     investment dollars
  • We work in conjunction with studios like GMT, we can have the full weight and production  scale of     the major studios with a fraction of the cost
  • We understand what investors need. Accountability and transparency in the managing of the     finances is a must
  • We see our capital partners as true partners and we work hard to use our talents and skill  to the     best of our ability to make a Production that is profitable for all.

    How do you diversify risk in an entertainment portfolio?

    By using the methods described above and by investing in a slate of films. One project can be a huge success or have a mediocre showing at the box office, but by investing in a group of films, it is much better than in investing in just one. Though we do everything to ensure each project has the best possible chance of success, the gains of the box office hits can overcome the challenges of those not as well received.

    How soon can I expect a return?

    The life-cycle of most films is about 18 months. Typically principal photography is a 6-week process followed by post-production, editing, marketing and release. The film remains in the theaters for several weeks depending on the release strategy and the popularity of the film in the U.S. market before going to overseas markets and ultimately to DVD sales.

    What is the structure of the return on my investment?

    As monies flow in from the box office, they are used to pay the costs of distribution and our capital partners back first. Our goal is to make you, the investor, whole as soon as possible. Once we have paid back 110% of your initial investment (ensuring you a return on your money as our first priority) we then split the net profits of a film 50/50.This relationship represents a true partnership with preference for the investor to receive their money first. This does two things for us, one, it safeguards your investment making you more comfortable and thus more apt to partner with us again and two, it creates a win-win where we are rewarded, equally with you as partners for the successes of the production.

    What kind of films am I investing in?

    At White Owl Films, we evaluate extensively the content of any idea. Through our means of statistical testing and pre-market studies we determine what our audience is most likely to watch. Beyond just the profit motive, we believe in making a product that is socially responsive and has a message. We understand and take seriously the responsibility to export good entertainment that will help in some way to solve societal problems instead of just creating more. Product content is a major piece of our overall business model. The most profitable sectors of the entertainment media has been those with the broadest audience. Very few, if any rated R movies have ever won an Oscar. Additionally, the highest producing films in any given year tend to be those appealing to families with children. Our intent is to create movies that sell with a social conscience and an inspiring story. Those types of films that make us see the best in ourselves and want to be all that we can become.

    Why now?

    As we ramp up the production of slates of projects, we see this capital partnership as a limited opportunity. We want to work with investors that understand that we understand them. Once we have the trust of our capital partners, it is very likely that they will want to continue to invest with us in future projects. We invite you to be part of our team and help us make something great. You're in for a ride that is truly exhilarating, profitable and above all fun!

    We know that investors are the ones who give us the ability to do what we love to do. They make our dreams come true and we hold that trust in the highest regard by providing a level of comfort and communication in our process that is worthy of trust again and again. We want to work with our capital partners on an ongoing basis. That is why we take great care in solidifying our business model, doing the research and testing on our ideas, ensuring we have the best equipment and talent money can buy to make quality productions and working with the highest degree of integrity all the way down to the distribution process. Traditional Hollywood studio models have allowed the major film producers to succeed but not the investors or even the talent.(Please read The Hollywood Minefield for more on that).Our philosophy is that if our investors don't win, none of us do!

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