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We Are Detailed & We Get Results!

An idea is the most powerful thing in the world!  Our stories are ideas played out with human imagination, in relatable context and through powerful cinematography.

Most people are naturally drawn to movies to gain a higher perspective as we learn best through stories; well crafted ones that leave lessons and morals challenging us to think beyond.  Told in graphic color, these stories are larger than life with pictures that leap off the screen.  The in-your-face expression of thought,  images forever embedded in the minds of entire generations!

It is these films that White Owl Films creates.  Interwoven in each frame are complex themes, ideas and visions that stir the spirit and haunt the mind. Our audience will be captivated with:

•  Tear-Jerking Stories That Will Draw The Audience In
•  Gut-Wrenching Suspense
•  Explosive Action
•  Heroes To Call Out The Best In Us
•  Villains To Remind Us of How Not To Be
•  The Definition of Love, Emotion, Heartbreak, Victory Tragic Loss, Miracles, Betrayal, And Intense Passion

These movies have the power of influence to provoke the longings in the human spirit and quest for higher meaning, to awaken the longing to grow, to become something better than we are.  In fact, they're a mirror to all that is good and evil in mankind and society.  A reflection of the world we live in, forcing us to look at ourselves and discover the villain or the hero, the light and the dark.

Some films can also simply entertain us, pull us out of our world for a mental break, tell us a story.  Allow us that escapist moment we all need to keep our sanity and remind us that our problems aren't as big as we thought they were.

There has never been a better time to get involved in the entertainment industry as you will discover in the pages to follow.  We have a formula for success that takes as much of the guess work out of making successful films as possible.  We know, as you do, that business is all about relationships.  Building the right team for the right project.  We have the right business models, we need the right team.  Will you join us and be part of something great?

Movies Have The Power To Inspire, You Have The Power To Act!

The next section is a great read from the New York Times about investments in entertainment compared to stocks or real estate.

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